Animal Sculptures Workshop

British “textile taxidermist,” Donya Coward will lead a witty exploration of crafting three-dimensional animal sculptures using up- cycled vintage, modern and antique fabrics and haberdashery in a textile taxidermy workshop in Ennis, Montana, USA. September 23-30, 2018 at El Western Conference Center.

Workshop Information

Using Jack Rabbit as an inspirational totem animal, participants will shape from plastic molds. Then, using wadding position its head and sculpt its feet and body before applying a first layer of skin, with embellishment of vintage fabrics and hand-stitchery.

Participants from Canada, England and the United States will travel to Yellowstone National Park to learn from a naturalist guide more about Jack Rabbits and their habits to experience first-hand the diversity of rabbit habitats.

Throughout the workshop Donya will share the essence of her work, which involves preserving materials as much as it is about the animal forms she creates, and the inspiration she receives from the imperfections and histories of the materials she chooses that add character to her animal sculptures.

For more information: or call: Cindy Owings, 406-579-7284

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