Riverstone Gallery

RiverStone Gallery welcomes you to our selection of colorful, contemporary paintings, precious metal jewelry, and custom sculptural steel gates. The gallery is at 319 E. Main Street, right across from Willie’s Distillery. A large trout accents the building and you can often find dramatic acrylic paintings on the easels on the deck.

Bern and Lexi Sundell create the art for the gallery and one of them, most often Bern, can usually be found painting in the small studio there. In contrast to the wild and messy palettes and brushes, it can be startling to see the beauty of the images as they emerge on the canvas. Something new is always happening.

Bern and Lexi collaborate on custom jewelry design in gold, silver, diamonds, and colored stones. She has recently found a solution to the repeated motion syndrome in her thumb that made it painful to work at the jewelry bench. So once again you can see new designs in the gallery made by these award winning designers.

Bern Sundell is an avid fly fisherman and can tell you what is hot on the Madison River at any given moment. His fly fishing expertise inspires the spectacular trout he paints.

His paintings are remarkable for their accuracy in anatomy combined with incredible color. His current series features wet reflections on the trout, often with water drops dripping from the fish. Browns are his favorites, but he also loves cutthroats and rainbows.

Bern’s artwork is featured on fly boxes, reels, and other fly fishing accessories from Montana Fly Company. If you fly fish, you most likely have already seen his work in fly shops worldwide. The gallery stocks a selection of these accessories, so be sure to drop by and select something special for the fly fisherman in your life.

Lexi Sundell still paints dramatic florals but also paints contemporary wildlife, including trout as well. She also is a skilled angler but her painting style differs from Bern in that she works in layers of color and texture, creating a shimmering light.

She has been painting a series of ravens, as well as moose, buffalo, horses, and other creatures. While she paints some small pieces, her preference is for paintings large enough for her to use a stepladder to reach the top.

Lexi has won awards in painting in international competitions. She also has written two books, The Acrylic Painter’s A-Z of Flowers and Creating Exceptional Color in Acrylics, published in six languages. Her latest work, a collection of her paintings and her views on the creative process, will be published in 2014.

For a special treat, you can book an immersion day with her. She works with everyone from brand new beginners in painting to professional artists who want to explore acrylics more deeply. During this immersion day you will receive hands on instruction directed to accomplish your personal objectives.


Riverstone Gallery
210 E Main St
Ennis, MT 59279

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