Madison Marathon – 10th Annual

July 18, 2020¬†– A truly amazing marathon experience. ¬†This year marks the¬†10th running of the Madison Marathon – the run with the highest starting point in the US. ¬†But that’s just the start. ¬†The race is exclusive – permitted by the US Forest Service, only 200 runners are allowed to participate. ¬†Then there is the scenery…amazing at every turn. ¬†Wide meadows of flowers, valley vistas and in the distance the Centennial and Madison Ranges of the Rocky mountains. ¬†And just to keep your heart pumping, wildlife including bear, wolves, moose, deer and elk have been spotted by past runners on the trail.

This  race draws marathoners from all over the US and the world.  Sold out for the past several years, the marathon draws 50-Stater runners and Marathon Maniacs who can combine this event with the Deseret News Classic Marathon in Salt Lake City on July 24.

The Madison Marathon is the second race in the Madison Trifecta.  The first race is the Madison Duathlon on July 6 Рa riding, running race from Ennis, Montana to Historic Virginia City, Montana .  The final race in the Trifecta is the Madison Triathlon on August 3.  Begin with a 3 lap race course at Ennis Lake in open water; ride to Harrison, Montana with a 5 mile uphill and a 5 mile downhill stretch; and then run uphill to Pony, Montana.  Runners who complete all  three races in one summer are given the T.B.A. award (Totally Bad Ass).  They will earn it!

We hope to see you this summer. Stay healthy, stay happy, and keep running forward.

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