Scenic Drives In Montana – Follow the Backroad To Yellowstone!

Are you looking for the most scenic drives in Montana? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Between Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park some of the most untouched land in the USA offers amazing drives and beautiful scenery. If you’re on the hunt for a backroad adventure, then get off the beaten path and take one of the most scenic drives in Montana along the Backroad to Yellowstone!

The Backroad to Yellowstone features one of the most scenic drives in America along Highway 287. It wouldn’t be strange to come across a gorgeous mountain, river, forest and wildlife within just a mile of one another! If you’re on your way to a national park like Bozeman or Yellowstone, you may not even realize that you’re driving close to scenery that rivals – if not surpasses the beauty of Montana’s national parks! To satisfy your thirst for beauty and adventure, follow US-HWY 287 in Montana.

Backroad To Yellowstone – U.S. HWY 287

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The Backroad To Yellowstone, Route 287 in Montana, begins at the west entrance of Yellowstone National Park and offers beautiful views for a scenic drive in Montana. As a north-south route, the highway has served as the main route for truckers traveling between Texas and Wyoming. Featuring a wide array of wildlife, mountain views, deep valleys and of course many national parks – from Yellowstone National Park to Glacier National Park, Bozeman, Butte and more.

Highway 287 is for the adventurous crowd – not the followers, but the leaders. To experience mother nature in all it’s untamed glory, take a scenic drive starting just more than 20 miles outside of west Yellowstone. This is where your backroad journey begins!

Highway 287 offers the most scenic drive in Montana

On Route 287, there are several views that you want to take in, from rivers and lakes, to mountains and wildlife. Your journey through the Backroad will start in either West Yellowstone or the Madison River Valley and Ennis, MT.

Ennis, Montana is home to Big Sky adventure, blue ribbon fishing and authentic Old Western culture. If you’re on a Montana vacation, searching for the perfect town to visit, Ennis has more than enough lodging – cabins, lodges, hotels, motels, RV parks and camping – and dozens of places to eat and play! If you’re searching for a true Montana destination, come see us in the gorgeous, historical town of Ennis.


Attractions around Yellowstone

Historic Tours Montana

A serene stop on your trip through the Backroad to Yellowstone will be the Norris Hot Springs in Norris, MT. Here, feel free to relax in the steamy Montana springs, otherwise known as the “Water of the Gods.” From there, you’ll pass Bear Trap Canyon to Bozeman National Park, or head north and run into the fascinating Lewis & Clark Caverns.

Another must-see attraction on your scenic drive on the Backroad will be Quake Lake and the Quake Lake Visitors Center. Quake Lake is a gorgeous lake made from the skeleton of a 7.4 magnitude earthquake that took place in 1959. Next, you’ll come across one of the biggest rivers in Montana, Madison River. String up your fishing pole and head to one of the many public fishing areas for some famous fly fishing.

On the rest of your scenic drive through Montana, you’ll see breathtaking views in the “Big Sky,” authentic ranches from 19th century America, ghost towns, talc mines and mountain passes. On your trip, there will be more wildlife than you can imagine – from bison and buffalo to sheep and elk. There are also great activities like Outdoor Art Tour in Ennis, MT to see when you get your destination. Believe us when we say there will be more than enough photo opportunities for you to add to your family’s photo album!

In Montana, scenic drives are seemingly around every twist and turn of the road. Hwy 287 offers fantastic views, but because of the raw power of the elements, you should carefully observe weather and weather reports. Here’s a handy item to keep saved in your smartphone, a detailed highway 287 traffic conditions report. Or call 511 for current conditions. Don’t venture into a scenic drive without a safety plan in place!

Black Butte Mountain View on Scenic Drive Montana

Gravelly Range Road

The Gravelly Range Road is a scenic drive unlike any other in Montana! Gravelly Range Road and Tobacco Root Mountains offer spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains and off-road fun through thousands of acres and miles of roads. It wouldn’t be strange to see an elk, moose, bears or amazing birds up close.

This is one of the top backcountry drives in Montana. Running from Ennis to the Centennial Valley, the Gravelly Range Road scenic drive is a high-elevation traverse along an expansive plateau in the heart of Big Country. This isn’t for the unadventurous!


wildflowers on scenic drive in Montana

See Montana Wildlife & Wildflowers

Wildflowers are abundant throughout Madison Valley and Beaverhead National Forest and offer unforgettable memories for the flower aficionado!

Also, Montana offers many places to stop and enjoy a picnic on your scenic drive through the state. If you’re really searching for a Montana hiking adventure, you can backpack through the thousands of acres in Madison Valley and experience the wilderness for a few days on a trek.

If you love wildlife, Southwest Montana is the place for you. Throughout Yellowstone and the Madison Valley, you can see everything from meadowlarks and swans to wolves and bears. To see wolves and grizzly bears up close visit the Wolf and Grizzly Discovery Center in West Yellowstone.


Your Scenic Drive in Montana Awaits!

Remember to respect the wildlife in Madison Valley, Yellowstone National Park and throughout Montana. The Backroad to Yellowstone and the Gravelly Range Road offer an array of scenic drives, abundant wildlife and unmatched fun. Stop in any of the small towns such as Ennis along the route to Yellowstone, take in the beautiful mountain ranges, wildlife and nature, or visit one of the many attractions./

For more information on scenic drives in Montana, visit Eat, Stay and Play on the Backroad to Yellowstone! for more great resources about trips in Montana! Have fun, stay safe and happy travels!